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Certified Universal Antiseptic Cocolady 75% Alcohol, 1 L with dispenser, effective disinfectant

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  • Certified Universal Antiseptic Cocolady (made by Mamozin LLC, Ukraine, Odessa)
  • Quickly and effectively kills 99.99% germs
  • Contains minimum 75% of alcohol. Meets and exceeds the Sanitary and epidemiological conclusion (SEC) recommended guidelines for hand sanitizer.
  • Meets international standarts ISO 9001, ISO 14001
  • Application: antiseptic Cocolady is universal in use. Can be used for treating the skin, household surfaces and objects, medical instruments and surfaces, hairdressing and salon accessories

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Liquid (not gel) Based Hand Sanitizer 1 L with dispenser is hand crafted by the Mamozin Company in Odessa, Ukraine. It is gentle on the skin and works perfect in the fight against viruses and germs.

Features: The antiseptic Cocolady has a bactericidal and disinfectant effect. Effectively protects the epidermis from germs, bacteria and fungi, maintaining the result for several hours. Does not upset lipid balance, the skin retains its protective properties.

👨‍🔬Our hand sanitizer is made using the approved governmental recipe:

  • Minimum 75% Alcohol
  • Distilled water
  • Glycerine
  • Vitamine E.

Our antiseptics Cocolady received good reviews from state and private clinics, pharmacies, and government organizations.

❤️️ Charity: the Mamozin team regularly provides city medical and educational institutions with free antiseptics to fight against viral infections and maintain a healthy epidemiological situation in the city.

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Great product
Pleasantly surprised by the quality of the Ukrainian product. My family uses this antiseptic Cocolady every day. We process hands, as well as all household surfaces. I recommend to use it.
United States United States
Great experience
Product was as described, shipped fast, and I'm very happy. 🙂
United States United States
Solid product from a solid company
Ordered a gallon, it showed up a week later, works as described. They’re FB page has testimonials from first responders they’ve donated product to. Bottom line, they were faced with hardship, they retooled their business, made an essential product, donate some, and they are keeping employees on the payroll. I’ve seen complaints about their pricing, i searches around, it’s commensurate with other similar businesses. There is no downside. I’m still working from home, but when I inevitably have to go back to the building, I’ll buy another gallon. Thanks you all.
United States United States
Hand sanitizer that Works!
My mother bought this because she and my dad are housebound and have home health care workers, so they needed to be able to sanitizer themselves and surroundings easily. This product worked very well in both regular bottles and spray bottles (she added lavender oil to one bottle and sprays the bed linens with it). Highly recommended!
United States United States
Great customer service!
I’m really satisfied with the product and especially the care they put into making customers happy. I highly recommend Mamozin LLC!
United States United States
Easy fast and works
My gallon was delivered quickly and I put it in little spray bottles. It works very well. A part of me likes smelling like a chocolate for a few seconds, especially in the morning. I find it dries out my skin a bit but this is a small price to pay to get rid of nasty gems.
United States United States
These guys rock!
Product is fantastic. Only negative (and actually a positive) is the strong smell of booze. That is necessary at the alcohol level required to **** covid. I give it 5 stars because I am very confident it works. I simply add a drop of essential oil like spearmint and all is well. Great 5 star real product. You can sleep well knowing your product will help people.